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Find a Qualified Boston, Massachusetts Attorney Who You Can Rely On

Use our comprehensive Attorney Directory to find Boston lawyers who can help with your legal issues. Find legal representation for Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Personal Injury and Criminal Law. We are able to help you find the right attorney for your case. We can help you find lawyers in the following Massachusetts counties:

Essex County | Middlesex County | Norfolk County | Plymouth County | Rockingham County | Strafford County | Suffolk County

Criminal Law

Boston Criminal Law attorneys can represent you on issues ranging from misdemeanor traffic citations to serious felony charges. Lawyers can protect your rights and achieve the best results in your particular criminal case. If you are charged with drug possession, DUI, theft or assault, you need the advice of an experienced Boston criminal defense lawyer. Only an expert in criminal law can help you get the best possible result.

Boston Massachusetts Criminal Law Attorneys

Real Estate

Don’t open yourself up to a lawsuit by selling a home without the assistance of a Boston real estate attorney. Make sure the title is clean, you have provided all relevant disclosures to the buyer, and you have cleared any encumbrances on the property. You need a skilled real estate attorney who knows Boston and Massachusetts law to protect your rights in the purchase or sale of your home.

Boston Massachusetts Real Estate Law Attorneys


How can you stop creditor harassment? Would a repayment plan work for you? Only a Boston, MA lawyer skilled in bankruptcy law can protect you and help you decide whether to set up a repayment plan or to declare bankruptcy.

Boston Massachusetts Bankrupcty Lawyer


Individuals can visit the U.S. for up to one year on a tourist visa. Our attorneys can help you obtain this B2 tourist visa even if you have been denied in the past. Students who want to go to college in the U.S may need help obtaining a F-1 Visa. Boston immigration attorneys bring solutions to immigrant families and businesses dependent on immigrant workers.

Personal Injury

If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death in a motor vehicle collision, you need an experienced Boston personal injury attorney to evaluate any settlement offer made by the insurer. If you have been injured, you can’t fight for yourself. You need a lawyer who concentrates in personal injury law to fight the insurance company.

Boston Massachussets Personal Injury Lawyer

Boston Massachusetts Truck Accident Lawyer