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Legal Insurance Services Center

Whether your insurance needs are professional or private, TheAttorneyStore.com’s Legal Insurance Services Center has you covered. Whether you’re in private practice, new to a law firm, or an ambitious law student, the right type and right amount of insurance is crucial to your continued success.

Your Law Office Insurance Center provides you with an extensive catalog of links to all types of insurance companies. You will find information on business-specific insurance such as professional liability, travel insurance and workers compensation as well as coverage for your home, health and vehicle. Here are some examples.


Professional Liability: Shop for the best deal amongst top carriers specializing in professional liability insurance for those in the legal profession. Major insurance companies as well as smaller niche carriers are represented here.

Workers Compensation: Not all workers compensation programs are created equal, so shop smart to secure this important coverage that protects you from lawsuits from injured employees. Browse our huge list of carriers to find those that give you the specific coverage you need and serve you best. Free Workers’ Compensation Guide

Bonding: How much coverage do you need? What are your options? Fidelity bonding, for example, protects employers against embezzlement, theft, forgery, larceny and other crimes by employees. TheAttorneyStore.com will show you the best carriers to set you up with coverage customized to your needs.

Commercial: From insuring commercial property to commercial vehicles, we’ll get you in touch with the right sources to make your business safe and successful.

Travel: Whether you practice law or are engaged in another business, travel becomes inevitable. Don’t risk loss through unforeseen events. Our full listing of travel insurance carriers will help you get the coverage you need to insure the safety of your possessions and yourself as you travel.


Auto: Learn how much you need and who provides the best deals through our massive database.

Home: Don’t lose sleep over the safety of your home. Let our top carriers help protect your home and valuables with the best possible options.

Health: Search through our extensive list of providers to find the one that’s right for you. Understand the different types of health coverage available and see which one suits your lifestyle and budget.

Life: Gain peace of mind for the present and future, by finding a provider through TheAttorneyStore.com’s extensive list.

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