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Find Qualified New York City Attorneys

Our Attorney Directory lists New York City Lawyers who specialize in many areas of law including Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Personal Injury and Criminal Law. Attorneys who specialize in one area of law are better able to represent you and your case effectively. We are able to help you find the right attorney for your case. We can help you find lawyers in the following New York counties: Nassau County, Putnam County, Rockland County, Suffolk County and Westchester County.

New York Personal Injury Lawyers

Leeds Morelli & Brown, PC - Automobile Accident Attorneys Serving Manhattan, Long Island & Queens. Visit our Spanish language website

Sackstein Sackstein & Lee, LLP - Queens Personal Injury Attorneys with Offices in Flushing / Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, New York City and Garden City/ Nassau County

Rosenberg & Gluck - Personal Injury Attorneys in Suffolk, County, Long Island & New York City, NY. Visit our Car Accident Website.

Albany New York Truck Accident Attorney

New York City Truck Accident Attorney

Brooklyn & Queens New York Truck Accident Lawyer

Staten Island NY Truck Accident Attorney

New York Truck Accident Attorney

New York Family Lawyers

Leeds Morelli & Brown, PC - New York Divorce Law Firm Serving Manhattan, Long Island & Queens

Elliot S. Schlissel - New York Lawyers Focusing on Family Law, Estate Planning and Criminal Law. Visit our Fathers' Rights Website

Other Prominent New York Attorneys

Leeds Morelli & Brown, PC - Estate Administration and Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Manhattan, Long Island & Queens

Intellectulaw - Nationwide representation in all types of litigation relating to commercial matters. Located in Mt. Sinai NY.

Anthony J. Colleluori & Associates - New York Criminal Lawyer Serving Nassau & Suffolk Counties.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law attorneys can represent you with issues ranging from misdemeanor traffic citations to serious felony charges. A criminal charge is a serious matter. The effect of a guilty plea or conviction may affect your life for many years. These lawyers know the New York prosecutors and can achieve the best results in your particular criminal case. If you are charged with drug possession, DUI, theft or assault you need the advice of an experienced criminal lawyer.

Find Qualified New York Criminal Attorneys


Are you desperate to get out from under the mounting medical bills or credit card debt? A lawyer skilled in bankruptcy law can stop the creditors from calling. He or she can help you decide how to get out from under the bills or set up a repayment plan so you can get on with your life. The options include Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13.

Find Qualified New York Bankruptcy Attorneys

Real Estate

Your home is your most valuable asset. You need to know before you agree to the biggest purchase of your life that this home complies with all local ordinances, laws and that the contract protects your rights. Hidden regulations such as a restrictive covenant or an easement can affect the value of your home. You need a skilled New York City Real Estate attorney who knows New York law to assist you in the purchase or sale of your home.

Find Qualified New York Real Estate Law Attorneys


The rules and regulations regarding visas and work eligibility are complex. Small business owners often don't know the maze of federal regulations with which they must comply when hiring new employees. Immigrant families need help understanding how to get permission to work. New York attorneys who concentrate in this area of law bring solutions to immigrant families and businesses dependent on immigrant workers.

Find Qualified New York Immigration Attorneys

Personal Injury

The pain from an injury, the inability to work, and property damage following a car accident can be devastating. Only those who have experienced the way an accident can turn your life upside down can truly understand. If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death in a motor vehicle collision, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to evaluate any settlement offer made by the insurer. A lawyer who concentrates in personal injury law will fight the insurance company to win your case.

Find Qualified New York Personal Injury Attorneys

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